Beginners Start Up Guide

Beginners Start Up Guide for PTC Business

This beginners guide is prepared for those who have no knowledge about PTC business and want to start. The aim of this guide to provide seamless start by anybody who desires to earn extras bucks for their pocket. Step by step guide is given below:

Step 1: Registration of account to receive payments.

Users who want to start the PTC business, have to register atleast two account where they receive their payment. This required as the PTC sites will be paying you through these only and they don’t pay directly to your bank account.

You register at Payza and Paypal and .

Both the sites are international payment processors and they provide facility of receiving and sending money internationally. Inside these account you may setup payment directly to your bank account. On receipt of the payment from PTC sites you can get instant payment from both at you local bank account. You email ID will become you account number after registration in both he sites.

Get your FREE account with Payza

Get your FREE account with Paypal

Step 2: Once you are registered with both the sites then you can join the PTC sites that fulfill following criteria –

1. Legitimate and Trusted PTC Sites
2. Paying to their users for more than 1 year
3. Allow referral to be registered under you.
4. Payment per click is more than $0.001

Note 1 : Don’t join in many sites at a time. Join for two sites in a day and wait for 2-3 days. For 2 days, try to understand the two PTC sites. This helps in continuing the work. If you join 10 PTC sites is a day then there are 90% chances that you will not continue for long time.

Note 2: Join under trusted referral. They will provide you guidance and support for earning $5000 per month in one years time frame. This sites will guide you doing so.

Step 3: Login to each site and click on the advertisement and fill survey as the instruction of individual site.

You may be given many different type of earning opportunities in each PTC sites. Complete those as far as possible. Each site may take 10-20 minutes to complete the work.

Step 4: This step very important to earn more and find the your goal of earning $5000 per month within one year.

We will guide you to achieve your goal if you join under our referral (if you join through any PTC sites link that recommended in this sites). After you have joined all the sites recommended by us (Click Here to Get All Trusted PTC Sites to Join) then mail us your username for each sites at Then we will send you complete training guide to achieve success within a week.

Important Notes (Must follow) :

Note 1: Join the newsletter subscription of this site. You will get important updates, training, support, news of trusted sites.

Note 2: Ask question by mail if they are not clear in FAQ section this site.

Note 3: Never join any PTC site that is not referred by leaders in PTC business. If you don’t follow then you may loose your time for nothing.

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