Everybody is looking for referrals who is doing PTC work and have questions like, “how to get direct referrals for ptc sites ?”. Since you are reading this article here and thus it sure that your are also looking for the direct referrals for your ptc sites.


We are giving here some precaution as we most of the people who are starting the business get trapped into many many promises by the fake people. First, never tale rented referrals that is offered by the PTC sites with some payment. These rented referrals are mostly inactive and generally those doesn’t click and thus it is waste of money.

If you purchase rented referral then there are chances that you may earn any profits but may incur losses. So, what is the solution for getting referrals.

Getting Referrals for Profit:

You should try to get direct referral that you will make with your own effort. This work takes time but this is the only permanent solution. Please don’t start PTC business if you want quick money. You will have to keep patience and work for getting direct referrals.

Direct referral are generally free and they are mostly active and thus you get the benefit of there clicking on ads. That is what you want.

How to Get Direct Referrals:

First and foremost tip is “never lie to anyone”. Tell the truth whenever you are communicating with anybody and asking them to join under your referral link. I am saying this first as if you lie lie and somebody joins under you then that person may not be active for longer time. This was you will have inactive referral under you and nothing else. If PTC site has limit to number of referral (that lost of the PTC sites has) then your limit may exhaust soon without any benefits from such referrals.

To get direct referrals, you need to ask the potential person to join under your link. You may ask them by various method listed below:

  1. Ask your friends and relatives to join the program but tell them the truth that you know.
  2. Make you contribution to forums of PTC sites (most of the site have forum)
  3. Make some active contribution to other money making, home business forums and put your referral link there.
  4. Write comments on few blogs that think they may relate to Home business and earn money online.

There are many more easy methods to get direct referral and that information we have published in the eBook. Join our news letter (on right side to get the eBook and other information).

2 Thoughts on “How to Get Direct Referrals for PTC Sites

  1. Good suggestions, However you need lot of patience , Go on working till you succeed, Do not quit.

  2. This is a informative article . Getting direct referrals is a work to be done on a continuous basis. The best method is create a blog and share your experiences with proofs. People will follow you.

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